My birthday! Into the woods. Saw pheasants, moorhens and a moorhen chick (moorchick?), a heron, and a swan making a nest. Not bad. Everything’s new and green and flowering!


The jacket is my birthday present to myself; 60s-ish wool from the shop I volunteer in, lined in lilac, perfect for goin’ out(doors).

DSCF7853 DSCF7852

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Ranunculus 2

It’s my birthday on wednesday, and I am prepared:

DSCF7822 DSCF7821 DSCF7820 DSCF7819

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Fix your picnix!


Wicker basket. Perfect picnic shape: deep, not too wide, good loop on the handle. £3.99. Dodgy joins! But a bargain, if it’ll hold. What to do?


Two metres of thick-textured ribbon. Picnic pattern! Yes.

DSCF7813 DSCF7814

Follow the wrap of the faults on each side. Perfect. No more problems!

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Selfie Selection

Photo on 13-03-2014 at 18.23Photo on 13-03-2014 at 18.22 #5Photo on 13-03-2014 at 18.22 #2To start with I was all “imagine my scarf blowing in a delightful wind, how nice” but then up close my hair looked completely different and much longer. And that is the story… of these pictures.

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Photo on 09-03-2014 at 17.31 #2 Photo on 09-03-2014 at 17.31 #4


Sorry not sorry for my ridic FASHION poses. I just walked a long way for a long time and I’m not in the mood to govern my standing! I got stagnant water inside of my shoes! Leave me alone or else.

Today I am celebrating spring, because I did not need a cardigan all day and my tights were too hot. Butterflies were mating. Cows kept hollering. Good good times.

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Look at how cute this jug is. This is my milk jug. It looks like an onion and I want to plant it and let it grow. It’s wonderful.


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Spring cleaning bargains!

Antiques Tower is closing up (don’t worry; plenty left) and discount season is on. Early 70s bedside table? Yes please! So beautiful. If you start with an empty room, lying on the floor, every gradual addition brings so many more new dimensions than just three.

By the way, that paper bag has gummi turtles in. Green, but not illegal.

DSCF8083 DSCF8085

And would you look at that, Ma, I bought a, appointment diary and I’m using it. Four pounds knocked off because it’s broken? Mm! Value restored with the help of mum’s Jar O’ Buttons? Just nice, that. Just nice.

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The raddest


If you’re gonna work in a charity shop, try to pick one full of awful crap you’d never want

It’s just not safe otherwise

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LOVE: the greatest undertaking, chapter one

The stationer in my town just closed, and during its final sale I bought a handful of forty-page A5 sketchbooks for fifty pence each. “Why not make them into individual comics?”, I thought.

I began. This first one is all-pencil. I shall not be repeating that! Pencil smudges like a bastard! Obvious, but I was all caught up in ~ideas.

Here is a comic that I made after my sweetie told me, very late at night, the story of how the Undertaker went away from the WWF some time in 1999 and took the Big Show. He (my Mr, not the phenom) has been re-living that brief period of his youth which contained “wrestling on Sky at Matt’s house”. I, of course, am along for the ride. In 2000 Undertaker came back having grown out of his Satan/housefire/brainwashing phase and rolled into the bike/wife/neck tattoo period. What could have happened in the meanwhile?

The Undertaker had a lot of tattoos already, but I did not care to draw them, and really: who’s to say what’s real and what’s not, in wrestling??

Thus begins chapter one.



To be continued, obviously

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Let’s GO! Rider! Cook! photo recipe two: The Peach Rider, Malika, Digests!

The Peach Rider, Malika, Digests!

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. And that means hearts! And hearts mean Malika! Because she’s a Rider and she’s got something of a heart motif, although you can’t tell that below! I have academic problems with that but now is not the time for me to dwell on that, because girls sometimes gotta have fun!

kamen rider malika/marika,yoko minato

Today we shall be cooking Pink Heart Fritters, and Peach Pancake Pieces. The fritters are delicious as a snack, a full meal if you make enough, or a side-dish. Put them with steak (amazing), put them with tofu, whatever. They’re so good!

You will need to buy some shapers, for this recipe, unless you want to be smart with knifes and moulding and so forth. Luckily, from tomorrow heart-shaped food outliners will probably be on sale.

Let’s begin!

You need:


Three eggs

One quarter of an onion

One medium-small beetroot

Three quarters of a mug full of flour (plain)

+ Two tablespoons of flour (any type)

Salt, pepper

Peach slices

1 mug milk

1 heart-shaped egg-ring

1 heart-shaped biscuit cutter (metal)

1 large frying pan

1 mixing bowl

1 jug

1 mug (this can be the mug you measure the flour & milk in)

Caster sugar to sprinkle


First, mix up the batter for your pancakes.


Beat two eggs. Usually pancakes will have one egg, but this batter needs to be extra-strong, to hold the peach slices.


Tip in the mug of flour, and the mug of milk. Whisk with a whisk! If you don;t have a whisk, buy a whisk. I LOVE my whisk.


Mmm, look at your perfect batter. Put this to one side, to stand.


Leave your peaches to drain.

Now we can start on the super-pink fritters.

DSCF8012 DSCF8013 DSCF8014 DSCF8015

Chop your onion quarter into small pieces. If you have half an onion, like I did, first chop that in half. Obviously.

DSCF8017 DSCF8018 DSCF8019

Grate your beetroot! You should probably wear an apron. Beetroot hella stains.


Put both vegetables into your mixing bowl.

DSCF8026 DSCF8027 DSCF8028

Add the spoonfuls of flour, and the salt and pepper.

DSCF8022 DSCF8024

Crack your last egg into a mug, and beat it. Beat it like Yoko beat Kouta! Hahahahaa.


Mix all of the ingredients together, to make a stick, bright pink paste. The appropriately peach-coloured thinger there is my “scraper”. It’s used for scraping. And also for mixing, when you don’t want to get too much on your hands. Very useful.


Heat your oil; it should spread out, like above. My hob goes up to six, and I used the “4″ setting. You can figure out what you need on yours. I believe in you. Test a small portion of the mixture. If is sizzles, as below, you’re ready for the cooking part!

DSCF8038Yeah! Ready! Grease your shaper! Rub a little oil on your finger, COLD oil, and run it over the inside.


Spoon in enough mixture to fill up your metal shaper. Poke it down with a utensil (your finger, if you’re careful/OK with pain) so you fill the whole outline! Fill it to the top.

Fry for three minutes.

DSCF8040Flip that heart! Again: three or four minutes. Pay close attention to it! Don’t burn any! I burnt one.


Push out of the shaper (go around the edge with a thin, sharp knife if you have trouble), and put on a plate. Add sauce if you like–mustard and horseradish both go very well with beetroot. I used chilli sauce, because I really like chilli sauce, and I don’t have any mustard or horseradish.

While your sweetie’s eating that, or after you’ve chowed down, come back and start on the pancakes!

This time you want your pan at half-heat. For me, that’s “3″.


Hold your egg shaper down with something heat-proof, as you pour in a THIN layer of batter. Otherwise it will leak. It’s ok if it leaks! DON’T PANIC. The shaper will still create a separate shape. The leaks can be eaten separately.

DSCF8052Plop in your peach slices. Sweet!

DSCF8053Add a second layer of batter. Now it’s a waiting game. You can lid your pan if you like; that will speed things up. Once the batter you can see, the top level, starts to firm up (poke it gently)…

DSCF8048Turn it over to brown up nicely for a few seconds! Now you’re ready to serve!

DSCF8051 DSCF8055Sprinkle on your choice of sugar, powdered ginger, cinnamon, or use syrup. I used ginger and raspberry syrup in the second picture, which I thought would be pinker. It looks kind of gory, but that’s alright.


That’s not a face bothered by bloody-looking pancakes.

Dig in! Have a good Valentine’s Day! Let’s GO! Rider! Cook!

Whoops! Forgot to add:

If you liked this, help me fun the video episodes! More Rider chat, more Rider Recipes, more Rider fun. Thank you!

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