Pretty pretty pink colours

Here is my NAIL POLISH!!!


I tried to replenish my stocks of Barry M gold, but of course – they do not sell it (in Superdrug?) any more. For some reason I bought these Barbie Sunrise shades instead. I kinda like them, but they are not my perfect gold.


Isn’t rhubarb beautiful? And delicious. Raw it tastes like summer. Today I made chutney with rhubarb, and tomorrow a meringue tart. I guess this man I keep around helped or whatever.


Left hand: Max Factor “pink sunrise” (sunrise pink?); three coats, right hand: one thin coat of pink sunrise over two of Barry M nameless lilac

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5 Responses to Pretty pretty pink colours

  1. I’ve never sampled rhubarb raw…must add that to my bucket list.

  2. Jamillah says:

    mmmmm, ruhbarb raw is yummy. also i love your little pointy nail shape situation.

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