One Lady Wow

Oh Grace Jones, you are so fabulous.

Some songs don’t need videos. Some songs render videos useless; they’re facile or shallow or just say everything they need to say within the audio alone. Sometimes videos are just poorly designed and mean a song that could have been enhanced by moving images have to stand alone and watchers of video channels get to be mildly (or strongly) visually bored for four minutes or so.

The above video is an example of seamless integration of eye and ear food. Audio-visual. If you take away the video from the song, you get maybe half the value. If you take away the audio, same. The whole really is more than the sum of the parts. It’s just magical. It’s a whole 80s dystopic movie in six minutes.

If you enjoy Grace Jones, please buy or rent Conan the Destroyer. She’s a secondary character but her arc is some strong heartwarming, her costume is fantastic and SHE IS JUST SO COOL.



pictures pinched off google image results

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