My hair of the last month: a story of stories


Snip snip!


Grow, grow..


The ‘Lum-Sharon’ cut was so good until that mullety back-shag grew in! I cannot stand heavy neck hair. I will miss being a hornbag, though. Sharon is the strongest babe-magnet in that show!

Snip, snip, HACK HACK CUT SNIP trim trim


Only, without the padawan brain double-feature..

I’m kind of hoping it will grow back in with an entirely different texture. I have heard that that can happen.. haven’t you?

Note: choice of haircut does not necessarily reflect my choice of favoured character! In GITS:SAC It’s Batou (the Major is more of a ‘person who wouldn’t annoy me at all if I knew her in real life’ than a ‘favourite character’?), in Mai Otome (anime) Mashiro IS THE BEST. I really can’t choose a favourite in Kath & Kim.. they are all too funny.

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