With his BANNED of men

WARNING: the following post contains mockery of rapists, rape culture and rapist tendencies in ways which may upset or unnerve those with harsh experience of this type of person. Please skip this post (and, best wishes) if that may be you.

Robin Hood is a beautiful thing. Robin Hood films are almost always a comforting soul-blanket. There is one Robin Hood film, The Bandit of Sherwood Forest, that is actually about the son or Robin, “Robert” (a film which does not mention, not once, Maid Marion). Robert is played by Cornel Wilde, who I hope took his moustache onto greater, less horrible projects. This Hood film is horrible. It goes a little something, like this:


It is a film that was made far better by the application of that wise maxim, “I reject your reality and substitute my own”. Like so. See if you can guess where the film-canon stops, and my brain begins!!!


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