Kings of Oblivion (no, not the song, no, or that song, no I mean the band)

If you saw this album cover in a charity shop, would you buy it?



If you have answered “no”, then we are not the same. But that’s OK.

I do try not to judge books by their covers, I make an effort. But no-one’s even said to me that I shouldn’t judge ‘a music’ by its cover, you know? So if I don’t know a band (and I don’t know most bands because I can barely stand reading about them) I almost always do. Judge it. By its cover.

It’s not led me too far wrong because if you wanted me to carry all the first-hand, non-mp3 music I’ve bought in my whole life (boxes and all) I could do it easily. So it’s not like I’m wasting pounds and pounds on sounds I don’t end up liking. It comes to mean that if I don’t like what I hear, at least I have some sleeve art to look at, and there’s no sadness about that. I can take or leave the Meteors depending on my mood, f’rex, but I really like the cover illustration for The Meteors Live.

Then I get the record home, and wait for a while. I don’t like to listen to music all the time. Sometimes I only feel like listening to it in my imagination. But when the time is right, I put the needle down and see what I have bought.




I am crazy for “GIRO DAY (instrumental)”. It sounds so prim when it’s written down like that!


If I like what I hear, I look for all of the information. Sometimes it’s hard!

Here is the story of that:

I couldn’t find anything. I did discover that there’s a young film maker also called “Jamie Sims”. maybe if you want a film made, you should ask him!

I googled and googled and eventually I typed “Kings of Oblivion” Newcastle which I probably should have thought of earlier.

That got me this –

And that got me these. Which are pretty great.


I guess that is what they look(ed) like. Hi guys! I was one year old, when this zine was made.


That’s pretty funny. That is the kind of ‘joke’ I enjoy.


THIS SENTENCE STRUCTURE, it’s so ‘clever young sods’, innit? Also, so true.

Other gems from this zine from ’88, “One Way Ticket to Cubesville”download here..




(^That last line)

The problems of 1988 are the problems of today –


Cut-out “action figures” of Doctor and the Crippens! This is exactly the kind of thing that I would put in a zine.



And that’s that. Fun and games, right? Always check the vinyl boxes, Oxfam shoppers!

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16 Responses to Kings of Oblivion (no, not the song, no, or that song, no I mean the band)

  1. Tod Chambers says:



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  3. Richard says:

    Wow – people talking about Cubesville zine. That issue was a killer – The Kings of Oblivion rocked live and it was a pleasure putting them in the same zine as No Means No and the Victims Family.
    Still doing Cubesville zine and getting the next issue together – it’s still made with scissors and pritstik. Just Google Cubesville if you want to get in touch.

    • illusclaire says:

      Woah woah you made this? You’re still making these? I secretly hoped this would happen.

      Gimme gimme! Pressing “buy now” right now.

    • illusclaire says:

      P.S. Can you tell me why you hate Napalm Death so much?

      • Richard says:

        Zines will be in the post to you in the morning – essential bathroom reading. Cheers for being so enthusiastic – I’m working on the next issue right now and the flat is covered in bits of paper and glue. It’s in the printers in less than a fortnight, and needs the final push.
        Napalm Death – I really like them. Wasn’t too keen on them at the time as I think they were undergoing a personality/line-up change from being an experimental DIY band to part of the metal scene. As puritan as I was, this was intolerable. I saw them play in Manchester a few years ago and loved them, although was at the front shouting: “play some punk” in between songs.
        Liked their music all along, so don’t have to apologise for being wrong about that, in the same way I have with the Beatles, Smiths, Roxy Music, Muse, Jonathan Richman, etc etc…
        Whatever happened to the Kings of Oblivion? Didn’t one of them disappear off to the states? Was a shame – they injected a jazz groove into UKHC.

        • illusclaire says:

          Not a clue about the Kings of Oblivion – I haven’t found any more information since this post. I saw another of their records in the same Oxfam as where started this off, but I wasn’t cashheavy that week. I’ll look again this Saturday..

          Thanks for the Napalm Death vendetta info! Hey, I am on a little interviewing kick at the moment – maybe I could ask you some stuff about being a zinester, to post here? I have always been fascinated with zines, but/because it is an art form that always seemed 1000000 miles away from my village living. Y/N?

        • Richard says:

          Yep, that’s cool – ask away.

          The LP was miles better than the 12″ if my memory serves me right, although it could have been enhanced by the large quantities of cider consumed around the time…

        • illusclaire says:

          EXPECT POST.

          I forgot to say it was from me. But it is.

  4. Jon Harris says:

    Hello, I was one of those quarterbacks. That is to say, I was the guitar player in Kings of Oblivion. That record you have there is the first that we made. It was followed by two full length LPs (that play at 33!), a John Peel session and a few european tours. I now sing in a band called Seven Little Sisters. My colleague on bass, Daz, is still active musically but I don’t think Neil plays anymore. Shame, as he’s one of the best drummers I think I’ve ever played with. Rumour has it his son is no slouch behind a kit though. I’m not sure where the Newcastle connection comes from as we were always based in Nottingham; maybe that’s where the Cubesville chap comes from. I vividly remember doing that interview; perched on a kerbstone in, I think, St Helens. Smoking Benson and Hedges in the drizzly northern twilight. Anyway, glad the old records are still doing the rounds. You gotta love charity shops. Cheers, Jon.

    • illusclaire says:

      Oh neat, great to hear from you! Did you get here by google, happenstance or did someone give you a link? I put out a cry for information and TWO of the people directly involved pop up (see rev. Cubesville in the comments above); long live the Internet!

      And really, thanks for the info – knowing that people still.. Exist? After being rapscallions in punk zines, and even still making music (which I looked up, +approve).. It makes things seem more ‘real life’ and dimensional.

      Hey, who did your album art?

  5. Richard says:

    This is priceless. Hiya Jon, good to hear you’re still around. I reckon the interview was outside the Planet X in Liverpool. Did you play with the Victims Family and someone like Snuff? Didn’t know you did a second album – how do I get a copy? Or can you just do me a copy and send me a link? I’ll swap for fanzines (Claire says she likes them). Email me at cubesville at hotmail dot com. Dug out and am listening to All this Madness. Hope Nottingham’s rocking.

  6. Harbour says:

    Just discovered you, guess I’ve been under a rock. Man you are swinging! Very inspiring playing. Keep up the good work!

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