D’ya know what’s unfun for me? Making notes about how to improve my own output. Ugh.

So I have to cheer myself in my own ways. Bright colours! Being warm enough!


I favour wearing this pinafore over the same colour up top and down bottom (so mostly with dresses). Maybe If I had a sherbet yellow blouse and sherbet orange-pink skirt, probably with pleats, maybe something chiffon-y.. Duck egg blue long socks?

But I don’t, so there we go.




Website update soon. I spent a bunch of today practicing faces by drawing all y’all who I read and watch on the internet. I won’t be scanning them, because.. it seems a little bit presumptuous. People put their pictures online, but that doesn’t give people the right to put their own interpretations of them about. I thank you for the references, though!

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