So bright!


This jumper (below) is lower-cut than I’m really comfortable with. The pin keeps it attached to my bra, so at least my underwear is securely covered. I’ll still prefer to wear a neckerchief with it when I go in proper-public. I wore it like this to the post office in the village and just didn’t feel quite right.


Trying out this new 10p belt. It’s working pretty well! The colour’s so rich and I quite enjoy knotting it all up.

Also trying out the “make Victorian kitchen maid outfit, do historical interpretation for public” thing.


Actually sewing the darn thing.. Hnnnhhh.. cost me four thumbnail-pages of comic’d frustration. Probably don’t bother looking forward to that, it’s full of mean faces!

Orange jumper: from PDSA, chevron jumper: H&M about seven or eight years back?, belt: car boot sale, trousers: mum’s colleague’s daughter’s cast-offs (modified to fit), long skirt: made by mum as a 70s teen, socks: Austen Reed outlet (christmas present),

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4 Responses to x_x

  1. I love your first outfit, especially the beautiful colour of the top, and your bag!

  2. littlelala says:

    Lol, my favorite fashion tool is the safety pin. I totally pin shirts to my bra all the time to keep them in a comfortable place for me.

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