Vworp vworp

This morning my mum said, “Do you want to go for a walk to see if we can find some orchids?”

So I said, OK.


And orchids were not all we found. Buttercups (yellow)! Vetch (purple)! Grass Vetchling (magenta)!

The most glorious meadow, and just as the sun really started to shine.


Do you see it? Over on the left?


The first of many!

We saw about fifteen, I think. It was pretty fantastic. I won’t show you them all, but I will show you several! Scroll past, if you are bored.






Here’s a close-up of the grass vetchling, too. I’ve always been extra-fond of vetch largely on account of its being purple, so finding a rarer, bright pink version was pretty special. Imagine wearing a crown of these – you’d look vibrant.


I’m including this handful of grass in case anyone feels like making a colour study of it. Like I will be.


And for the sake of education: field pansy! They’re tiny, very pretty. Watch for them in fields.. obviously.


I like to dress a bit sixties when I walk – there are always signs saying KEEP OUT or weird structures or old bunkers about, or even just pylons, and I like pretending I’m in an old British ‘alien invasion’ B-Movie.

It helps when the plants join in by looking freak landscape-y.



Boots: Dr Martens, trousers: second hand via various people, shirt: GAP 1969, pinafore: 60s vintage (Second-hand Rose, Worcester), hat: Anthony Peto

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6 Responses to Vworp vworp

  1. Sherin says:

    Yay: pretty flowers. Summer is truely upon us. Also really love the pinafore you’re wearing.

  2. Cervixosaurus says:

    It’s quite obscene how green europe is!! The orchids, and all the flowers, are gorgeous. These flowers remind me so much of when I lived in Holland, there were so many pretty little flowers in the green green grass, so many poppies

    • illusclaire says:

      Is it very different in Australia? The little I know (..from imported soap operas and 90s kids’ TV..) made it look pretty similar to here, actually.

      Poppies are amazing amongst green though, that sounds so pretty.

  3. I’m heading out into the Yorkshire Dales this weekend, and I’m so looking forward to seeing so much greenery and so many pretty flowers! I’ll miss green when I’m in Aus :(

    • illusclaire says:

      That will be BEAUTIFUL no doubt!

      Take a well-charged camera.

      But don’t feel sad about Australia! As I have recently learnt, they have lyrebirds there!

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