Pale blue, to match my eyes?

Well, I finished Puppet on a String. Then I hung out some washing (it was hot today!), and wrote a seven-point list of why the ‘happy’ ending was bogus.

It was probably supposed to be bogus; Alistair Maclean is pretty good at sticking to his themes. His themes are mostly “stuff goes wrong”.

There was more washing to do, though, and it was too hot to chisel, so I started The Snowman. By Jo Nesbo. It’s an easy read, I’ve covered a lot of pages, and it’s pretty engaging. The horrible murders aren’t dwelt on or licked by the narration and it’s managing to be a pretty non-misogynistic take on “serial killer kills multiple women because of their sex life (presumably)”. What’s puzzling me is that there are constant references to bands and musical acts – Michael Stipe, Ryan Adams, Led Zeppelin, the Who, Slayer, Slipknot. I’m not assuming that people in Norway don’t listen to the everybody-knows-them acts of Britain and North America, obviously, but it’s surprising to me that there are no Norwegian-specific references made, in a translated book. No-one I don’t recognise. Maybe it shouldn’t be?

That aside, it’s totally strange to me to find a Slipknot concert in a srs bzns detective novel. Attended by not one but two detectives on a team, separately. I know, I know, detectives are people too, but.. Slipknot? Really?

Forgive me, Slipknot fans. I really only know them as a band that angry thirteen year olds pretend to appreciate.

I mustn’t judge everyone by my own past!

I did get to the chiseling (and more planing, lots of planing, and a little sawing and some glueing) eventually. I wonder if my drafting table will be finished by Sunday? I have to help my sister move out of her univeristy halls flat tomorrow so no work shall get done then, but..?

Cross your fingers for me!




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4 Responses to Pale blue, to match my eyes?

  1. lizzie says:

    Stop wearing my clothes.

  2. Vix says:

    Send some of that sunshine this way, please! I laughed at the Slipknot reference. It’s a great read, Morten Harkett makes an appearance later, too. xxx

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