Clones, clones, field full of clones.


Yes, I have cleaned my bicycle wheels. No! No I haven’t. I have cleaned one of them.

My bicycle is the bicycle that my mum used to ride when I was in early primary school, so I was battling with about seventeen years of grime. GRIME! There is no other word for it.


You see?



This is AFTER the cleaning, by the by.


But I couldn’t remember how to get the tyre off the rim in order to change the inner tubes (I have now been reminded!) so I couldn’t ride today!

AS SUCH: Walking, instead. I took home-from-uni sister with me, and she brought her friend “Matt Smith Face-mask”. We had fun. Here she is!


This mask freaks me out, man. It’s creepy as heck!

Less so when I wear it, because my ears plus the ribbons kind of just make me/him look like a persocom.


Yeah, the lederhosen are out again! It’s June – it is the time. And I found my DEAN! shirt too, better and better!


Seriously, massive Chobits vibe, no?


Doctor’s always watching, friends.


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7 Responses to Clones, clones, field full of clones.

  1. Terri says:

    Admiring the liederhosen and the next to last photo is just great.

  2. Vix says:

    I need some Liederhosen in my life! That mask is going to give me nightmares. xxx

    • illusclaire says:

      You do! Everyone does, really. In my opinion.

      My sister is making a hobby of creeping up on people lately – I live in fear of the day when she creeps with the mask ON. Eeek/

  3. Sherin says:

    Hehe, the mask is slightly freaky, but so fun at teh same time (I have a slight obsession with Matt Smith).
    Your bag is also pretty awesome.

  4. I have that mask, too. It looks far more disturbing on my friend Arkady :)

    Cleaning off 17 years worth of grime is mighty daring – I salute ye!

  5. Jamillah says:

    Um, yeah it’s creepy…but sister mask fun is not creepy at all.

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