Just a saturday what-i-wore


Yeuh! I did it! Rollin’ in the park.

Only for fifteen minutes, because the tarmac’s kind of patchworky there and going up and down the same twenty metre stretch is not the most diverting – but I haven’t skated on paths (or outside at all) since I was eight.. So I’m easing back in. When I’ve got my wheel-legs back a bit I’ll move to the main path through the park; just as flat but longer, wider, and much more.. observable.


I fell once. Exactly after I’d decided to stop, so it felt like a punishment! In the picture at the top here, I have not yet recovered from my toppling.


Parks really are delightful. Parks with copper beeches especially so! When the light comes through, there’s nearly a whole rainbow in them.

Today (“today” being “while I was in town, at the market”) was a hot in the sun/cold in the shade mix. I had fun with collars.



FYI, I’m not at The Thomas Lloyd. I’m where I always go, which is the Within Reach cafe. Their big thing is local sourcing, they’re very friendly, they have really attractive furniture and crockery, their food is good and their tea is hot. But more about that.. another time.

Boots: Dr Martens, roller blades: ??? (sister’s childhood cast-offs), trousers, also ???/sister-rags, belt: 10p jumble sale, shirt: GAP 1969 range, coat: San Francisco Leather Factory (gift bought at Cow Vintage), bag: otford antiques centre, socks: the one on the right is Bridgedale, the one on the left is.. I forget. But the point is that hiking socks are the best socks, if you don’t need them to be on show. They cup your feet! Not like normal socks do. These are special. They protect you from rubbing (and sweat) much better than plain socks! I am a fan!


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5 Responses to Just a saturday what-i-wore

  1. Terri says:

    Impressed that you took yourself skating! I put on a pair of HIGH heels today and I was as wobbly in them as if I’d been in a pair of skates. Totally agree about the socks.

  2. Sherin says:

    I used to love roller skating. I couldn’t do it very well at all though. Ice skating is what I absolutely loved doing. Need to take it up again.
    The coat looks pretty great. Love the colour!

  3. ZEOLITE says:

    Rollerblades. Rule.

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