My unillustrated Saturday

Here’s what I did today:

I roller-skated in the park and avoided crashing into dog walkers, though I did run into a bush which pricked me with thorns. Worked on my rolling posture. No ground-falls this week!

I visited every charity shop in Warwick, trying OH TRYING to find something inspiring for the Charity Swap.

I bought the week’s vegetables from the market, and paid for the last part of my sister’s birthday present (Scott Pilgrim vs the World volume one), and then I gave it to her.

I took tea! And cake.

I visited every charity shop in Leamington Spa, as above.

I looked for, found and bought a pair of “girl shoes”. I got dressed this morning in a high-waisted knee-length blue plaid skirt, blue patterned fishnet tights and a fitted t-shirt with lace crochet gathered around the neckline, and as I put my boots on I thought “you know, I don’t actually feel uncomfortable with the idea of being fully non-clunky, and I do feel less than pleased with always being at least a little clunky. Sometimes it might be nice to put on shoes that say ‘poise’ or ‘fluttery’.”

I visited the Leamington Peace Festival. I ate a crepe! I listened to music, bandstand and main-stage! I looked through all the stalls! Surprising amounts of vintage, actually. I people-watched! I mourned the lack of meat food-products.

I went to a record fair, which I was not all that big on. It’s just less fun than picking through unlabelled car boot boxes, when you can zero in on the “PUNK/INDIE” box at every table. Also, everything I am after is way more expensive! So, no buy. But it’s nice that some guys offer a record player/headphones listen-before-you-buy combo!

I ate a baked potato. There is such pleasure in eating on the street.

I looked through a Harry Potter Lego visual encyclopedia in Waterstones, as a rest.

I went to Boots, that sister (who was there all along, by the by) could buy HAIR BLEACH. Neither of us has dyed our hair before, so.. adventure.

I found a(nother) vintage/re-sale/antiques sale. But this one was in a pub! A pretty nice pub. I may go back.

I sat in a park and helped sister arrange her new purchases upon herself,

And then I sat under a tree on grass and waited for a lift for a (not really) terribly long time, wearing large sunglasses and a headscarf tied under my chin.

And through all of this, the only picture I have is taken once we got home – pretend you don’t see the old, old nail polish, yes?:


Always remember to take your camera, dears.

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5 Responses to My unillustrated Saturday

  1. Sherin says:

    Your Saturday was definitely more fun than mine. Absolutely love those shoes! Definitely really pretty. Also, eating a crepe and baked potatoe in the same day is heaven for me!

  2. Vix says:

    Love those shoes! Did I miss the Leamington Peace Festival AGAIN? God, I’m so rubbish. xxx

    • illusclaire says:

      You could still make it if you left RIGHT NOW? :3 It’s on the whole weekend. But at least one of the vendors (he had two pretty great suede vests which were just SLIGHTLY too big for me, alas, and my sister bought a fez from him) will be at Glastonbury next week, almost certainly more, so.. you can just pretend!

      There’s always next year. I’ll be your guide!

  3. Terri says:

    So, these are the new shoes? Excellent choice…

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