Look at your man. Now back to me. I’m on a hovercraft.



Look at this man.


Dayum that is a well-dressed fella.

He’s like the raddest cartoon who ever sprang into the third dimension. But he does look like a man-on-the-street, it’s not cosplay or over graphicised.

All men should wear polo-necks, maybe. And ALL PEOPLE should wear flares.

Well, no, they shouldn’t. But I enormously approve of flared trousers. I miss having some to wear. I could add panels to some skinnies, but they don’t flow quite as well as flare-intended pairs. I know; I did a lot of flare experimentation in my youth.

This man is Shigeru Jō, who is also known as Kamen Rider Stronger. I mean, he’s played by an actor, I guess.

Last week when my mister was here we watched the first episode of every Kamen Rider series – apart from V3, which we couldn’t find. Apart from Ichigo, Stronger was my favourite Shōwa Rider. Or Rider series maybe. It has a lady rider!!



Not cool enough to be officially recognised as a Rider, despite being a rider, who is masked, who is an augmented human who can Henshin. I haven’t got to the explanation (in-universe) for why she is so rudely ignored, yet, but I suspect that it will not satisfy me. I love it dearly but the Kamen Rider franchise is ridiculously patriarchal. Ridiculously.

But she’s there and she gets things done and she is a Rider to me and she looks awesome, which in a visual entertainment show is important.

To wit, this:


The putties of the series.

They’re askin’ why you wear that stupid human suit.

I can’t find any more episodes of KRStronger, subbed. I’ll probably watch them raw, because OH the exciting visuals! I can wait, to find out what everyone’s saying.

Stronger also has my favourite Henshin sequence. It’s really fun to do. I might have it a little wrong, because the episode’s not on my laptop, but – it’s the spirit of the thing, that counts.


Yup I found some pink jeans, brand new, that fit well enough to not inspire hate or ire, I win.


Boots: Dr Martens, trousers: some pet charity shop, shirt: sister’s cast-off (but that’s fine, she got her Bowie-love from me anyway), jacket: Fred Perry at Bicester Village outlet shop (and it’s been in well-loved use for so long that the circular zip-pull finally snapped off in the Job Centre last Thursday, which is a major bummer, contextually), glass beads: some discount shop in Leamington, by the bus stop.

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  1. You have a lot helpful ideas! Perhaps I should think of trying to do this myself.

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