Lesson: on friday. Mood: keen. Spirit: Rider.

Come the apocalypse I’ll be bow-hunting dinner/mutant horrors and protecting the smiles of children from the back of some two-wheeled motorbeast, which is why on Sunday I spent a couple good hours shooting at foam deer and paper foxes in a small wood (a copse?) on a section of disused railway. Such fun, and my very first field shoot. It’s so different to normal target shooting! No sight (the sight is an aiming tool), no indication of how far away the target is other than what your eyeballs can guess.. On my first end I bent an arrow and missed everything but by the end I was starting to ‘get it’. I assumed it would be a matter of figuring where I needed to place the end of the drawn arrow in relation to the target before I let it loose, but actually what worked much better was more like using the force.


I didn’t have any camouflage or a big knife – I had no knife of any size! – but I got along OK. BETTER SCORES NEXT TIME.

It was a pure accident that the bulk of the outfit I happen to be wearing in a “look at me be a massive gigglefan about Kamen Rider” post was imported japanese clothing. One the one hand I regret presenting myself as such a weeaboo, but on the other, oh well? I guess it’d be OK to wear Levis in a post about how much I love Dark Angel. Japan, like America, is just another country.

To me, Dark Angel is “Kamen Rider but with a lady right from the start”, trufax be fax.


Sometimes this hat looks brilliant and sometimes it looks hella 80s in a Culture Club kind of way. Perhaps sometimes these times are the same.

Dress: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (eglcommsales), skirt: Jane Marple Dans le Salon (rinkya), socks: Jack Wills, scarf: Leamington Peace Festival, hat: via Myton Hospice.

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