I did my first solo round-trip today (as opposed to just “going a way and then coming back”, which I’ve done maybe three times since my CBT curse the weather); only nine miles, a route I’ve done on my bicycle many times, but – SO SATISFYING!! SO FUN!!

Problems: Didn’t go down to first gear for a stop-and-turn on a slight hill; stalled twice with a big yellow truck behind me. But I fixed it! And continued!

Toed the pavement on a tight turn from stopped, caused a pedestrian to look askance at me. I’m sorry, walking lady! I am not sorry to the the youth loitering by the shop, who smirked at me. WHAT OF IT, BOYO? You can see the L-plates..

I remembered I had these vintage glove/armwarmers under my bed last night. I’ve long known that fishnet tights are much warmer than they look, and the fact travels! I’ve been wearing them alternately under some Dents repro day-gloves that I think I got from the British Museum, and with the rabbit child’s muffler you’ve seen in the past couple of posts.

Everything I do, and no funny business now, involves the use of my (left and but mostly) right wrist(s). Drawing, riding, typing, sawing – all wrists a’plenty. Letting them get cold is about the stupidest thing I could do!

And yet..

So it’s lucky that I like the look of these so much. They go up just past my elbow and I don’t know why I stopped wearing them regularly and put them under my bed (hahaha “put” like it was a studied decision); it’s a mistake I’ll just have to make up for by wearing them non-stop until summer.

I won’t pretend that I don’t think my hair looks SUPER.

Jacket: second hand Hein Gericke
gloves: eBay?

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2 Responses to VROOM!

  1. Sherin says:

    So jealous that you’re riding along on a motorbike. Bet you look so cool. Loving the gloves! They seem perfect.

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