Here’s a burger –


It’s a bagel burger, which is a burger format I favour. I like how the fillings ooze out the top, and I like the imporved structural integrity. There’s no polite or clean way to eat a burger. If you are me.

I ate a pretty great cajun chicken burger on Saturday; we bought them (“it”, technically, since my honey’s was a thai fishcake burger rather than a similar chicken) in Phat Nancy’s and we ate them by the Elgar statue in the sunshine and cold. Do I recommend Phat Nancy’s? Heck yes! Grilled ‘cajun marinated’ chicken breast, onion salad, creamy mint sauce (I LOVE MINT SAUCES) and sweet chili sauce.. choice of lettuces. I had iceberg and it was the right choice. If you go to Worcester, and you want to eat on the move, go Phat.

If you want to eat on your bum (“seated”), maybe you should go to Detroit’s. I went there to do a logo consultation – not with them! – on Friday, and they gave me three drinks on the house.

Not, like, because of my great fame. Because of a number of mix-ups. I don’t care, I’m still counting that as a reason to go there.


The bits in pencil are black and chrome & the bits in green keyring Sharpie are minty turquoise and chrome: all of it is EYE CANDY. From the window you can see this unusual golden scaled building,


..Which I suspect is being built in order to house the ressurected spirit of Genghis Khan or some racist caricature a la Fu Manchu. It’s an 80s timecrash movie set of a structure, is what I’m saying. You can’t tell too easily here because Laura (my client~) arrived before every detail was added.


I’m not too happy with this came out. I didn’t capture her face satisfactorily. I think it is because, not to blame, Laura was uncomfortable with being drawn and I felt guilty about making her stand it. When I drew my bank consultant it was because he asked; when I drew Rachel at BNTML it was in a setting where being viewed and image-captured was natural and expected. When I draw people in public, I do it secretly, so they don’t feel embarrassed. When I do a portrait it’s because people want a portrait or they’ve agreed to sit for me!

Not for the future: do not sketch the unwilling.

I didn’t have a burger at Detroit’s because being covered in ketchup is not good artistic practise. I had an enormous bowl of pasta called the “Wild West” and I ate every bit of it except for the last huge chunk of huge sausage. I was tempted by “Clint Eastwood”, because I appreciate the pun of calling a spaghetti dish after the star of a lot of (is this a questionable term?) “spaghetti westerns”. But he is creamy, and I prefer tomato.

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