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You know what? Starting off is different when there are cars, cats and people to crash into if you do it wrong. I ever have crashed into any of these, but in my village (only in my village!) I fear it, so I start poorly. It is very annoying. People must have been so FRUSTRATED before they invented armchair phsychology! Never knowing why they were doing anything.


I really love my bike, readers. I love looking at it, and talking to it, and RIDING IT. I love bendy roads. I love using the foot pedal to gain control over turns and hills. I love pulling in the clutch so that minute chocolate box villages aren’t alarmed by me or so I don’t hit any geese. I love smiling inside of my helmet because I am doing it. When I put it in the garage, I give it a kiss on the mirror.

I get an unreasonable amount of pleasure from wearing a neckerscarf when I ride my bike.

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4 Responses to Personal facts

  1. Jean-Paul says:

    Being on a motorbike without some sort of scarfey thing would be an opportunity missed.

    I love my old bicycle a ridiculous degree, but am too cowardly to ride it regularly on roads (and my back tire has died, anyway). It is good for basing outfits around, though.

    I do not know how anyone can brave a motorbike!

    • Claire says:

      It would!!

      I guess that probably since you live in a city (I think?) it is different – if I pick my times I can meet meet no more than five cars on my side of the road in a ten mile journey, so I do not fear road murder so much.

      But mostly I brave it by thinking do I want to be as cool as Max on Dark Angel seemed to me when I was fifteen, yes I do.

      You should do outfit posts!

      • Jean-Paul says:

        I grew up on a farm, and I don’t really miss it other than the fact it was a lot better for cycling! Apart from the blind corners and dickhead farmers in their stupid tractors. The city roads are too startling. All those shapes and colours and dickhead businessmen in their stupid mid-life crisis sports cars, NOT INDICATING and zooming through amber lights.


        I fear any outfit posts by me would chiefly consist of a purple cardigan and black jeans.

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