So fight me

Much like the time I posed for outfit shots with a knife: gotta 1950s B-movie accessory, using it for cooking.

Important life tip: do ya have horrible vodka for some reason? Did it come in a plastic bottle or have some alien flavour attached for no good reason? Throw it not away. Put it in a good-looking bottle and use it to pick up all your tomato sauces.

Honestly, it works a dream.

This is the picture I meant to take to go with this post –


This is the picture I actually took, when I was interrupted by the postie.


Accidentally doing my best Jerry Only face: priceless.

Bonus! Here’s a quick doodle for you; character designs for my ‘sanitary towels + free comic books’ project. Vampire, Knight, Murderous Teen Gothwitch. Like?


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