Damson damsel

This is the perfect outfit for SPRING KICKS! No disclaimers. It’s the one.


There’s a fungal brightness to it that isn’t what I’d call “summery”. I had a great time wearing it and if I get to rollerskate tomorrow I may just do it again.

Spent much of this week working on the Auburn Grace logo commission. Had/having some unforeseen problems with the text, but the figure image has been a dream to work on! It’s put some pep into me, as is proved by this picture of me “running”. I hate to run, because I never learnt how to do it properly again after puberty came and bolloxed it up.


Today I have baked gingerbread, brownies, and an apple scone round. By the end of today some “nutty rolls” and a swedish cardamom cake should be added to that total!


Here is a not-very-good picture of my hair down again, because I trimmed the back so that it’s an actual haircut instead of “the front of a haircut and some nasty straggles”. But here it looks much more Guy of Gisbourne in Maid Marion and her Merry Men than it does anything else. And Guy always scared me a little, because he didn’t have any BARRIERS.


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