Work aside, I took myself on a miniature picnic for lunch.


It was miniature, because all I had was a bottle of water and the dog ends of a milky way and a fudge. But it was still delicious! And I had had soup before I went.


It is such a nice day that I could not stay in leathers for the whole of my short visit. Secret gentle-femme clothes underneath! And I even found a pair of sunglasses to borrow. If these are yours, leave a comment with where you lost them and I’ll post them to ya. I don’t want to though. I think they go with my bike.


Lambs! Texture! Sun! A gentle breeze.

Just before I left another Suzuki rider pulled up and asked if I had a toolkit. I did not! But he shared a little knowledge about the working of a brake with me, which was nice. And complimented my model of motorcycle, which was very nice. The sense of random community is really pleasing!

The journeys I shall have.

Jacket: Hein Gericker, via Cancer Research
Trousers: Suzuki vintage via eBay
Boots: Dr Martens
culottes: Brownie Guide defunkt uniform
jumper: shrunken no-brand via PDSA
socks: battered Jane Marple
sunglasses: ???

I hate, hate, hate when people leave their rubbish in public areas. The plastic ribbon in the branches above looks a little like blossom and is rather pretty but if you leave your 2 litre coke bottle in your picnic spot you’re being a shit.

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