I put on a bunch of clothes that I like this morning, and then I looked in the mirror and had accidentally dressed as a fictional boarding school girl.

Readin’ Girl Guide Annual 1970, Bunty Annual 1966, GutsPower issue 3 (interview with creator COMING UP).

I am currently using this stretch-device every day, because it is NECESSARY that I become strong enough to handle the heavy bow that I am currently using at archery. There’s a beginner’s course soon, and the Hunger Games are massive, and it is imperative that I am able to provide a skilled example for any potential girl-learners.

Dress: etsy, socks: M&S, shirt: Gap 1969, shoes: VW + Melissa, sunglasses: Myton Hospice

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4 Responses to Girltalk

  1. Jamillah says:

    Oh man! i took an archery class once and I toootally sucked at it…apparently I have noodles for arms which makes me useless. I like your board school outfit! Totally cute and pretty awesome that I wouldn’t really picture you in this.

  2. Claire, this, in one blog post, is exactly why you are amazing. :)

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