Bee aggressive


Today I went to buy beer yeast for homebrew and to put about some flyers and posters for the archery club (hunger gaaaaamesssss) – when I got dressed, it was sunny. By the time we got to town it was rain rain raining. Which is good for the garden and nice to be in, but a little chilly on the thighs. Plus silk doesn’t find rain to be the gentlest of partners.

I hope this is the onset of some proper April showers, though, because my policeman’s rain cloak has yet to see a really decent season!


I found this bee on Sunday, having planted seeds and dug up multiple dandelions. It is empty – no sting, no bellyinnards. Just empty.

I find that visually fascinating.

I should have taken a picture of my coat with the collar up. It buttons right to the neck and stands stiff like I am top dog of Gallifrey. Delicious vintage.

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3 Responses to Bee aggressive

  1. hm, I’m wondering if some ants might have discovered that carcass before you did. Or, it might be a drone. You know the worker bees kick the drones out before winter sets in.

  2. Bunny Eats Design says:

    It’s obviously a bee suit discarded by the tiny wearer after a tiny dress-up party.

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