It has been raining a LOT.

So, no pictures, mostly.

Yesterday I put on some glitter eyeliner that is the same colour as the pinafore above, wrapped myself in a blanket, and watched four hours of Extreme Fishing with Robson Green. Don’t worry – I was not alone. I didn’t take a picture of my face with turquoise glitter eyeliner on it because the face that is my front line is not a face that has make-up on it. That’s something that I half decided and is half happenstance. I guess it could change.

In other extremely minimal gender-defiance news, my sweetie spends a fair amount of time wearing my clothes. I have so many more than him! But you can never tell, because the ones that fit him are all pretty masculinised anyway.


He’s wearing nemesia. We planted some yesterday.

I am wiped out today.

Pinafore: Second-Hand Rose in Worcester (old location), witchy dress: Myton Hospice Warwick pre-Christmas evening-wear sale, leeks: grew’em, belt: British Heart Foundation Stratford / Purple blouse: etsy, tights: christmas present some years ago / jacket: Cancer Research Stratford nine years ago, shirt: Marie Curie Worcester, t-shirt: eBay, trousers: Wrangler (new! from a proper shop!)

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