Pie of the month club! May: Rhubarb tart

Hello, today I am wearing the hair of that girl in Len–


Is a tart a pie? You use pastry in it, and it is cylindrical, so I say that it is.

My tart is from this recipe, but I will tell you my xxxtra secret: the tail of a beetroot in the rhubarb mixture as it thickens to keep it pink. You’re


Gonna try it?

I also finished off and jarred my chutney (likewise a Gregg Walace rhubarb recipe, thank you sir)! And then we painted a number of wooden bathroom fixtures (wall, floor lattice, door, doorframe, accidentally part of the floor) which is WHY I am wearing this ridiculous pair of my mother’s maternity dungarees. Not knocked up thank goodness, only borrowing the only painty clothes* to hand. I think that the original painting was done after the maternity clothes had served their purpose; not that my parents were inhaling fumes all over whilst I was yet to make my dazzling entrance to this world.


I’m in my mum’s old clothes, my sweetie’s in my Dad’s..

Bit weird.

But that’s DIY.

Dungarees: ???, shirt: River Island (belonged to my sister, she took it to Reading where it got filthy, then she kept it in a bag for three weeks.. now it is a beater shirt), t-shirt: first Primary school P.E kit / shirt: Austin Reed 1,000,000 years ago

*Not true at all – almost every item I wore during sixth form has paint on it somewhere and perhaps 30% of that wardrobe is still in play. I just don’t want more on those.

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One Response to Pie of the month club! May: Rhubarb tart

  1. AArgh, I want a pic of the two of you tucking into the beaut of a pie.

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