Is it still spring?


I hope so, because I only just planted my spring onions out. And taught my city gentleman how! Growing things I will eat feels so good.


I know I just said that every time I post nail polish it will be on a background of vegetables, and that a flask is not a vegetable, but HARK: within my flask is Dandelion & Burdock. Which I dug and boiled and cupboarded! It is made with beer yeast, tastes like wine, and has very little alcohol content*.

This is really good nail polish, btw. And cheap, which is a big bonus!


Miss Sporty (see previous post) turquoise (“China Glaze”) was £1.99 and the neon pink is £1.79. There was a buy one get one free, and I was going to try out a new gold, but then I dropped it. Traces remain upon the pink bottle.

They’re so GLOSSY, is the thing. Strong and dark-bright and glossy. I worried that polish designed for clubbing would mean that it wasn’t designed to last; I chip nail polish easily because I am not careful. But then I thought, perhaps clubbers are also not careful and so their polish is extra-strong??

As it turns out, clubbers’ nails are A-ok. Didn’t chip with gardening!

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