In summer I shall paddle

Wanna see the greatest tree?


You can’t see it in this picture, but when it reaches the left bank it puts down new roots and grows upwards again in TWO different places. It’s a three-tree!

No nicer place to eat a home-made burger. And for a picnic, no dress but this one.


The dress maketh not the behaviour~


Look at the contrast between the old wood and the new wood on this pollarded willow. Beautiful!


Dress: Victorian Maiden (modified), skirt: Modelle from Nasty Gal, boots: Dr Martens, tights: Sainsbury’s, jacket: H&M passed on from sister’s friend, neckerchief: Kenzo from Oxfam Viontage pop-up, flask: christmas present

Yes I have the same flask as Jefferson Twilight

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8 Responses to In summer I shall paddle

  1. Jean-Paul says:

    That IS a good tree!

    • illusclaire says:

      So good! I plan to hang from it and put my head in the water, when things are warmer.

      • Jean-Paul says:

        That sounds terrifying! But then I got a pure dose of raw fear when my girlfriend was swinging on a slightly rickety rural rope swing in the highlands. I grew up on a farm with that stuff, so I know the horror that can ensue!

        Be careful, folks!

        • illusclaire says:

          The 1200s fort-mound nearby was where I possibly semi-ruined my wrist for life coming off a rope swing. Swing from the top, realise you’ve let go, land halfway down the hill on right hand; learn nothing.

  2. What an amazing “bridge” of a tree! And I wonder if I wore this dress what kind of behavior it might inspire.

    • illusclaire says:

      I confess it did make me a wee bit more cautious than usual when climbing, as I don’t fancy cleaning mud out of velveteen.

      If you get a chance – try it!

  3. STOP IT!!! That really IS the best tree ever ever ever. It reminds me of this segment on human planet where these people made living bridges from the roots of trees and each family in the village was responsible for wielding these crazy trees and passing them on from generation to generation. Pretty rad stuff.

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