May summer


That is what I wore to help coach the juniors (under 16s) at archery this week; I feel that the ribbon adds that little extra authoritah.

The rest of this week I have been dressing much more sensibly. It’s hot!


My sweetie is still here, so despite a hand injury days have been hazy and delightful; tending vegetables, learning survival skills, looking for fish, reading Lovecraft (HATEcraft lol (not that funny)) aloud outside at twilight, cooking everything, watching a lot (a lot) of Tokusatsu.. on top of all the usual boring “trying to get employed and start a socially approved adult life” jazz. I’ve done three logos recently, I’ll show them here soon. When we get around to putting up the tent, we’re going to camp.

I’ve been feeling pretty good about short skirts and unstructured bras this year and that’s nice. A bit of 1970s-okay with wearing my own body, you know? EDIT - this isn’t a self image thing – it’s a how-might-others-look-at-me thing. Many years lost to fearing the obligation of the sexgaze.


Here’s an earwig!


I have two good thinky posts brewing, really brewing, I’m excited! Both about girls and ladies in fiction and their impact on girls and ladies in real life, but I don’t think they will be too much old news. One is a Kamen Rider Fashun, if that helps.

Black shortsleeved jumper: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (second hand), dress: Jack Wills (sale 2011), tights: christmas present | Cardigan: ??handed “down” from wee sister due to different torso lengths, shorts: Gogol Bordello online shop, boxers: gentleman caller’s, socks: Jane Marple, sunglasses: Fendi (found on a bin) | skirt: Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair Leamington Spa

The slippers really make the outfits, huh? (No.)

They are fitflops, as you may know.

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