You probably missed my twitter saga re: attempting to help out at the summer fair for the school my mum works out, only to be sent home after getting lost one thousand times on the way there. Lucky you.

Here is how I feel/look right now:


Concentrate on happier things: this hoody. This hoody is the best hoody I’ve had, and I’m not actually surprised that it originally came from New Look (I bought it from a hospice shop). I’m ideologically surprised – New Look is pretty horrible – but I had a different, non-hooded sweatshirt from a charity shop that turned out to be New Look and that was just as rad. Soft, good drape, no-frills sweatshirt. Fleecy-silky on the inside, visible cotton knit on the out. Ribbed cuffs and neck-hole, over-stitching on all the seams and in a V just below where your head goes in – absolute BASICness. It has echoes of the best kind of vintage thermal underwear – the function has been thought about, and the form designed entirely around it. The hood even fits all of my head inside, which is a highstreet miracle.

“It’ll all change once you wash it”, said my dad because pissing on my fireworks is funny sometimes. He’s right, probably, but I don’t care! This hoody proved to me that perfect hoodies CAN EXIST, even temporarily.

And it’s real pretty.


I rode yesterday too – I needed more paper to work on the current commission I’m working on for Sherin. Yesterday started hot! And then changed, hence mixture outfit..


See, the morning?


Delightful! Warm enough to neeeed to wear this wee shirt, which is age 10-12, which I did not discover until I had bought it. Whatever. It goes on. It was three-fifty in Love Vintage, Leamington – a very nice price in a ~vintage shop and actually it’s a place I can fully recommend. It’s small and pokey (which is my favourite sort of shop) and the stock is genuinely well-picked. Nice range of 60s-70s, instead of floating on nasty-nice 80s-90s jumble. And it has a full men’s section!

Final self-cheering effort: sharing a bit of my gothy soul. The poetry of nature, innit?



Hoody: New Look via hospice, suzuki trousers: ebay, striped skirt: Modelle via NASTY GAL, jacket: Hein Gericke via Cancer Research shop, boots: Dr Martens, top: Love Vintage, sunglasses: Fendi wot I found on a bin.

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