British Summertime

The unemployment that accompanies my self-employment is not all bad; it may have guilt-tripped me into self-justifying all social i.e. non-parental interaction as “networking” (???) but at least it has allowed me the time to get a tan while everybody else sings a lonely ballad of how the entire island is trapped in one huge raincloud.


I’ve never been too much of a dress girl – once I got one on, I always used to feel like I had finished dressing. Which is no fun for an avowed layer-er! Recently I’ve been finding the idea of putting on more than one item of clothing a bit of a motivation-sapper (I know) though so when I saw this sheer summer dress in the British Heart Foundation I threw caution to the wind and paid those three pounds: the security of putting one tent on and being DONE plus the mental relaxation of layer-inclusivity.

Of course then I realised I didn’t have anything to wear under it and had to search the entirety of Stratford & Leamington’s charity offerings for slips. Which I did not find. What is wrong with this place?? Bolton can be faulted for a lot of things but a lack of throwback underwear it can not. Eventually I fell sobbing upon the neck of the girl in the new charity shop which has something to do with helicopters (a rescue service?), explained my situation, and found her kind enough to search the stock room for me. Two slips, in the whole of Warwickshire.. What a world. And now I have them both. Sorry.


Kind of an expensive outfit, all in all.

To me.


I couldn’t stop staring at my thumbnail. It was just so.. glittery.

Second part; I only get so much laptop time, nowadays.

On Thursday, I felt ill. I was dressed well though, and I took a bad picture so you can’t tell. The vertical stripes up my socks matched the yellow, see. It looked really good.


I self-medicated with nice things.


Read Oh Comely. I would. If I didn’t.

When you sunbathe, how far do you roll down your socks? I am nervous of burnt feet because feet have to wear shoes but I don’t want to have ridiculous little white ankle socks blazened onto me.


Dress: originally H&M, belt: 70s vintage via British Heart Foundation, hat: British Heart Foundation, ribbon: independent sewing shop in Warwick, nail polish: Collection 2000 HOT LOOKS (1.79 / bottle)
Skirt: 60s vintage office suit via etsy, hoody: hand-me-down from sister’s friend, socks: Jane Marple

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2 Responses to British Summertime

  1. Terri says:

    Oh, I like the dress on you and the first photo of you in the brick corner.

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