Hokuto no Gin


Went to get sloes for sloe gin and sloe vodka. Which will be nicer? I don’t know! But I looked it up and it seems that the only difference between vodka and gin is minimal added flavouring, which.. doesn’t sound like a very legit boundary, tbh. What about ingredients? At least sloes actually, appreciably change the colour. And you add sugar, which is a component part of the final liquid more than just ‘flavour’ is.

Other nice things: Black Prince chilli, black nail polish, black leather, present from sweetie. I have to replace (cover) the Harley patches, obviously, as I have no right to them as a Suzuki gal & don’t want to get into a rumble, but that is not a very hard ask.

DSCF7917 DSCF7903DSCF7914

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2 Responses to Hokuto no Gin

  1. Jean-Paul says:

    A pal and I went out like cycle punx and tried to pick sloe stuff but we got it wrong. We did get a ton of blackberries and raspberries, though, so that’s cool.

    PS Goggles Person’s t-shirt is astounding.

    • How did you get it wrong?? But aah fruit picking is the best.

      Yeah it’s good, innit? Got it off Rinkya a few years back as a convincing argument re: the non-awfulness of buying new clothes.

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